Made with Xara About Me I live with my family on a mountain in the heart of Snowdonia, UK. Our Papillons are firstly our indoor family pets, and showdogs second -  and all come from super compatible show winning lines and have wonderful "waggy tailed" temperaments.  Our dogs live with us in our home, and are all given the opportunity to run and play like proper dogs should every day of their lives. We have an acre of garden paddock in which the dogs exercise daily, as well as some lovely walks through Snowdonia on our doorstep. Our adult dogs are also regularly health checked for Patella and PRA. I will never knowingly breed from a dog that is unsound in any way, and go to great lengths to ensure that my dogs and their progeny are happy and healthy. I am a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme - I only breed a litter if I am looking for something to show myself, so do not have puppies available often - but when I do breed I follow the requirements of the scheme. I hope that you enjoy looking at my website If you would like to know more about Petitchien Papillons then by all means call Debbie on 07773 262 895 or e-mail me. This page was last modified on 22nd November 2011, Copyright © 2005 - 2011 Debbie @ Petitchien. Photographic images and the contents of this page are the copyrighted property of the photographers/authors and may not be copied, downloaded, printed, or otherwise reproduced without their express permission. Website created by Debbie@Petitchien. Photocall North East